How to Design a Website That Converts Clicks Into Real Leads

How to Design a Website That Converts Clicks Into Real Leads

Clicks To Real Leads

Website designs will bring a difference when it comes to real leads yet most marketers overlook the aspect of building an excellent website. With that in mind, the website design can break or make your conversation rates.

In a survey done recently, It was estimated that two-thirds of people will get interested in beautiful content that is well designed and looks professional.

Below are a few steps you can use to design your website and convert clicks into real leads

1.  Limit Decisions

You can convert clicks into real leads by limiting the numbers of choices on your web design.The navigation bar should not have many links to choose from, this makes the user lose interest in them all. You can also use Hick’s law and add a fullscreen welcome mat on your website homepage.

Doing this allows you to minimize any kind of distraction and at the same time keep all functions of your homepage intact. When you apply Hick’s law to your website, make sure every page achieves an objective.

Limiting your user’s choices makes your website easy to use and makes your leads skyrocket

How to Design a Website That Converts Clicks Into Real Leads
Source : Cliqued Media

2.  Design With F-Layout

The natural behaviour of most users is browsing the web in an “F” pattern. While designing your website for digital media to get real leads, take advantage of the “F” pattern and place the most important information in those areas.

The bottom right area you can use to place less important information. Place the call to action button at the top left side for easy visibility and that’s where your visitors will look first.

3.  Design With a colour That Matter

Colours are said to evoke different feelings and excitements when used in website design.Colours are often underrated in web design yet they can increase engagement on your site. Select a colour scheme that will evoke the emotions of your brand.

Once the colour scheme is selected, use contrast to keep the call to action buttons readable and well noticed. Also, use high contrast both in your font and button colours.

4.  Keep Your Website Design Simple

Driving conversation needs a simple website design. When designing your web page, think of ways you can make it simpler to give an aesthetically pleasing outcome. A Good SEO company can help you in designing a website that can fetch real leads, you can gram some more information about marketing and SEO agency services at

This means the result should be uncluttered and should also minimize distractions. To have a great user experience means to refrain from any unnecessary design.

5.  Design Your Website With the 8-Second Rule

There’s a general rule that states, you only have 8 seconds to get your visitor’s attention. This is a short opportunity to capture your audience’s attention when they land on your site, so make it count. Below are some ideas on how you can capture the audience;

  • Use brief points that are beneficial
  • Sign up buttons to very simple and clear
  • Be creative with power words to entice and engage in conversation
  • Incorporate videos for good interactive
  • Use images that captivate and are eye-catching

6.  Loading Time of the Website

People get impatient quickly when surfing the web. A delay of one second will reduce your conversion by 7%, this means your website should be designed to load at high speed. Check your web page for any issues with the loading speed and troubleshoot. learn more about page speed by clicking here

7.  Use Negative Space when Designing Your Website

The white space in web design is known as negative space while the positive space has all your elements for your site. Without the negative space, your website will be unreadable. Have a keen interest in the space as it serves your site to be legible and easy for the audience eyes.


Your website design will make a big difference in Converting clicks into real leads. Make good use of the above-discussed points to increase conversions on your website that way you will have enough clicks that turn into real leads.