About me? My name is Sam Palani, I am a technology professional by the day and a geek by the night.By profession I work with a global technology solutions company and travel quite often.As a geek I am fascinated by coding and have a passion for design and simplicity. I currently live in the heart of the silicon valley in California so I am perpetually inspired.

Around the CHAOS (ATC) is my personal blog and is all about getting around CHAOS and simplyfying our projects, initiatives, work and even in our personal lives. Most of the content on this blog is centered around technology, both enterprise technology and personal technology (the geek stuff).

However its not all technology, ATC factors in a critical component – common sense and simplicity.The last thing you would want to get absorbed into the tools and loose focus of your goal.I also believe that impact of reading is quite underrated, though I dont get to read as much as I would like to, you may still find the occasional book review and other reading related content on this blog.

So what qualifies me to talk and write about the above? To put it simply let’s just say that I have had my share of chaos and I have, to a large extent managed to get around it.

Apart from all the technology, the geek stuff and the reading, cooking and photography helps me relax